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Shark Fin Soup 魚翅湯
Deep Fried Pork Roulade with Coriander & Hai-San Sauce 五香雞卷
Xin Ye Mochi 欣葉麻糬
Wok-Seared Fresh Crab on Bean Thread Noodles 蟳仔冬粉
Sweet Potato Porridge 地瓜粥
Sautéed tenderloin with garlic 蒜香菲力煎
Traditional Taiwanese Pork Sausage 台式香腸
Live-steamed seasonal fish with scallion in soy sauce 葱油活魚
Sweetened Almond Tofu with Peach in Syrup 杏仁豆腐
Sesame Balls 芝麻球
Marinated river clams in garlic soy sauce 蒜香醃蜆仔
Sautéed chives with century eggs 韭菜松花炒
Crispy fried fresh oyster with dip 台式炸蚵仔酥
Roasted Mullet Roe with Turnip & Leek 香烤烏魚子
Wok-seared pork liver with coriander 煎豬肝
Shark Fin Hotpot 魚翅鍋
Simmered mix of wok-seared anchovy and clam meat 小魚蜆肉
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