Breaded White Asparagus
Beef Tongue Tartlet with turnips, pickles, and mustard seeds
Franuun Pig with green peas, mint, and red onions
Girolles Mushrooms, grapefruit tomato, ricotta, and fried verbena
Pornic Pigeon with his rotie, zuccuini, onions, and pesto
Wine Andlau Riesling 2014, Marc Kreydenweiss
Pirouette Special
Shade Fish with leaks, seaweeds, hulls, and galanga
Pirouette Special 3
Half Crispy Lobster with curry lams, pickles, and avocado
Lychee and vanilla ice cream with tapioca
Lemon espuna with mango ice cream
Breaded White Asparagus 2
Wine Andlau Riesling 2014, Marc Kreydenweiss 2

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